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 By purchasing a service I, Emily Beatrix Consulting (Emily Aube), offer or participating on this website, EMILYBEATRIX.COM/ EMILYAUBE.CA, you agree to the following declaration and policies; 

I __________ (your name) understand that all services provided by Emily Aube are based on intuitive and holistic life and business coaching principles, and are not based on a professional psychological or medical perspective. I acknowledge that Emily Aube cannot be held liable for any of my decisions, or for the state of my health, following any of her sessions, courses, or programs, as she is not a licensed medical professional. Emily Aube's expertise relies solely on her intuitive observation and is in no way under any circumstances intended to replace diagnosis and treatment of any psychological or physical ailment I may experience. I agree that if I need additional support in any way during or following any of Emily Aube's sessions, courses, or programs, it is my responsibility to seek appropriate care and Emily Aube cannot be held responsible for me or for my wellbeing at any point in time. I understand that Emily Aube's work is an addition to my main health care provider's detailed healing plan about my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. I take full responsibility of my self and of my health if I choose to purchase a service offered by Emily Aube and work with her. 

I understand that all intuitive insight Emily Aube provides for me is for informational and entertainment purposes only. I also understand that Emily Aube cannot guarantee error free information and content in her work as a whole. I lovingly enter the session(s), course(s), and/or program(s), at my own risk and I agree that I'm a sovereign being who makes decisions based on my own healthy sense of discernment. 

I understand and acknowledge that all sales of services by Emily Aube are final and non-refundable or transferable, with the exception of the service not being rendered by Emily Aube due to unforeseeable factors such as illness. Emily Aube reserves all rights to terminate client agreements or contracts prematurely at her discretion if she deems that the working relationship between coach (herself) and client (myself) is not a fit for any reason. In this situation, if I have paid for services that have not yet been rendered at the time of the decision to stop the working relationship between coach and client by Emily Aube, I will receive a refund for the services I did not receive. Emily Aube cares about her clients getting the required help they need, and she will do her best to refer to a suitable practitioner if it is evident that a client's needs is beyond her current skill set. As the client, I also reserve the right to end the working relationship between coach (Emily Aube) and client (myself) if it does not feel like a fit to me for any reason, but I agree and understand that I will not be receiving any refund for services rendered or not yet rendered and will be required to pay the remaining balance of what I owe to Emily Aube per our agreement and/ or contract. This is Emily Aube's livelihood and she counts on committed payments. 

I understand that life coaching is an unregulated industry and does not abide by any specific industry standards. Therefore, Emily Aube and I must work together to create a space that feels safe, but I must understand and agree that she is not here to save me or fix me, nor can she be considered my psychotherapist. I acknowledge that Emily Aube will always do her best to support my personal growth and offer possible solutions in all areas of my life that work, but ultimately, she can only listen and offer her intuitive perspective in the hopes that it is helpful to me. 

Please note: In the event of a reschedule, either from the part of Emily Aube herself, or the client (you), 24 hours notice is preferred. Please contact Emily Aube via her main email address - emily@emilyaube.ca if you need to reschedule.