Why your avocado can help you chill out

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you cut open a perfect avocado - as if you’ve grown it yourself and harvested it like a small gift for your tummy?

Yes… tap into that feeling of everything is right within the world my friend.

I am obsessed with making guac. To me dipping a chip or a spoon into a big bowl of avocado is nurturing.

But did you know that avo can actually help you chill out? They are a healthy source of omega-6 and help restore the central nervous system and alleviate Alzheimer’s and dementia, according to Anthony William, Medical Medium in his book life-changing foods. The Benzo I was on for 10 years actually creates issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia so the more I can heal my neurological system naturally after Pharma usage, the better. Avocado is a way I do that. And it’s the definitely the most delicious way.


Your Avo’s also help the digestive track, reducing narrowing and swelling of the digestive tract, making it a great food for those with Crohn’s disease, colitis, or IBS.

In my guac, I eyeball it but I use:

2 Avocados

Half an onion

A handful of cut up cherry tomatoes


And lime juice + sea salt or red chili flakes.

It’s delicious. Lately, I’ll make this guac and then cut up slices of potatoes that I bake with a little coconut oil to dip with. This snack contains absolutely no foods if you’re on the medical medium protocol, but it’s so good, you feel like you’re sitting at your local pub enjoying the afternoon with eats.

Food + MovementEmily Aube