How to price your offerings so you don't burn out

Burning out is common for entrepreneurs and this is usually because they are bringing in less money than they are putting out energy. 

I'm going to share with you a simple way to price your offering so you don't burn out in this blog post. 

We'll start off with an important question...

How much do you need to make to have your needs met comfortably? 

This will be even more effective if you slow down, sit down and calculate your costs (expenses + loans/debts + what you want to save and invest).

Once you have this number set...

Take that amount and look at what kind of services you offer. 

Second question for you...

How much of what you sell do you need to sell to make that number happen? 

If you offer 1:1 coaching services for example, take the amount you need to make monthly to have your needs met and divide it by people you can realistically serve weekly. 

So let's say you need 6,000 to be comfortable and have your needs met, and you can realistically work with 10 clients weekly without sacrificing on your own needs, you'd do 6 thousand divided by 10, which would mean your offering for monthly coaching per person would be 600.00. 

Use this equation:

$ needed for income DIVIDED by realistic energy output = what you charge for an offering.

This is a simple way of looking at it, assuming your only offering is 1:1 coaching. 

It's an effective way to decide on pricing so that you don't end up undercharging and overworking, leading you to entrepreneurship burn out. 

To make sure you achieve your needed monthly income, check out my Write to Heal Mentorship Program. 

*This can be applied to several different offerings you have within your biz too. Try it out and let me know if you love it. I find new entrepreneurs make the mistake of pricing what they think people will pay for their offering, instead of looking at what they need $ wise to be their best, and packing their offering with value that makes it worth it for people signing up. Now, you don't have to make this slip up 'cause you got a solution. :)


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