CONNECTED 205: Transforming with Catherine Ezor

Catherine Ezor and I got close in friendship over the last year. I almost felt like she picked me out from the crowd on instagram and was like, “You! We shall be friends!”. And then, over time, we have become BFFs. We start off the show by discussing how we like how we moved into a healthy attachment in our friendship instead of going full steam ahead WE R MEANT TO BE FOREVER XO mode as soon as we met.

She recently helped me create the new version of THIS very site ( She’s a photographer, holistic business/branding expert, and a transformational coach facilitating deep life changing stuff for women in her mentorship metamorphosis and various other rad offerings.

In this episode, we talk about what the actual steps of transformation are… 1) Acknowledging that a change needs to occur 2) Surrendering/ accepting/ grieving 3) Exploration and 4) Integration and all the nuances and details that these steps include. We reference my coming out process as an example.

We also jam about changing our names. Catherine was actually born with Alicia as her first name. We talk about taking on lineage or not, the power of ancestry, and our choices when it comes to our personal identity.

We talk about showing up on social and how to handle big transformations in front of an audience, especially if you’re a public figure or entrepreneur of any kind who values transparency.

We end on a sweet note where Catherine tells us that change is inevitable and it’s going to be really hard on us to keep resisting it - and she suggests ways to move toward it so your life can be easier.

It’s a helpful one folks. As always if you like the episode, please share it with a friend. And if you’re in transition/ transformation, and benefitted from this convo, tell Cat or I. We’d love to hear from you.

You can find Catherine at @thisaquarianlife

Head over to the podcast page and download the episode to your device or check out the podcast app you have on your phone - we are on iTunes, Stitcher, and probably other apps I don’t even know exist! I’ll talk to you guys next week. xx

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