CONNECTED 201: Season premiere


I am starting off the new season of the podcast with a bang and letting you all know officially… that I’m QUEER/ gay/ maybe even a lesbian eventually? :-) I suppose that this is my official public coming out.

I discuss my fear around labelling myself as lesbian vs as queer and why queer feels best to me right now.

I talk about grieving what I thought was going to make me happy my whole life - a man in a suit with a good job and our white picket fence and the two kids. What is super intimate about this episode is how I share that accepting my sexuality also meant grieving once and for all the family I lost in my parent’s divorce that I was trying to recreate more than anything through relationships with men who had major issues but I was hoping would change for me - something I wish my dad would have done my whole life for us and for our family.

It’s a packed episode detailing my three biggest fears about coming out and how I’ve been navigating the process - including who I came out to first and why (and what they said and why I feel guilty.)

It’s very important to me to talk about my coming out process because as with all things, I think visibility and representation is so crucial when we are faced with things such as chronic illness, mental health issues and in this case… coming out as gay after being engaged to a man less than a year ago.

I wish I could just be like, “I don’t need to share anything about myself.” But I am literally the opposite. I don’t feel like myself if I am not writing about literally the TRUTH and the truth is what my life is.

I made a career out of talking about my anxiety disorders, when mostly everyone around me at the time told me this was a bad decision because it would limit me in my career. I don’t have any specific intentions about sharing my story on this, except that it’s a way for me to integrate this part of myself in my life and career, which is A BIG DEAL + maybe help a few people who feel like me too.

SO MUCH THAT YOU’LL LOVE. I mean, probably?! You tell me. Thanks for supporting the podcast by listening to it, telling your friends about it, and reviewing it if you get a chance.

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