CONNECTED 203: Sexual shame busting with Christie Federico

I met Christie at a retreat we both attended in La Jolla in March this year. We fell in friend love when we drove up the coast listening (and honestly belting) the hairspray and high school musical soundtrack with our friend Sarah when heading to dinner one night.

Me, Sarah and Christie.

Me, Sarah and Christie.

I was very interested in Christie’s work as a trained therapist and relationship and sex coach, so I invited her on the pod for us to learn from her. We ended up talking about some taboo topics and we shame busted things like how to handle integrating our sexuality in the world as women, stigma surrounding s.t.i/ s.t.ds, and even discussed the extensive ways why shame takes hold in our sexuality that can stem from getting caught masturbating as children and what we are told and observe about sex growing up (we both shared our stories).

This is one of my favorite conversations we’ve had so far on the podcast because the point of this entire project is to have unedited conversations that feel like you’re listening to me and my guest talking in my kitchen, and at one point, I literally forgot we were recording a podcast because of the raw honesty we were discussing together. We end the episode with Christie answering your questions to have better sex and intimacy - so this is definitely one you want to stick all the way to the end for.

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