CONNECTED 008: Slowing down with Desiree Salis


Des is one of my best friends and has been a healing force in my life, especially in the past few months with her presence and FOOD. Lately, we’ve been having weekly family style dinners and we recorded this episode sitting in her devotional room after stuffing our faces, and chewing properly, the best brussels sprouts ever. 

Desiree teaches me so much about sisterhood, alongside digestion and health in general. She let’s us know that our relationship to self and our relationship to our community can be simultaneously existing at all times through example as a kundalini yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist. 

I really love this woman and her wealth of knowledge is uncanny. Because of this, she came on the pod to talk with me about what’s wrong with the world, kundalini yoga, nurturing female friendships, her past with disordered eating and how she has cultivated a positive long lasting loving relationship with food. 

She also loves eye contact, so come to her classes and her life changing women’s circles if you’re in our area.

You can download the episode from the podcast page HERE.

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