CONNECTED 007: Period Power with Lena Dolter

Here’s the deal: a woman is not meant to be a man, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t powerful. In this episode, Lena Dolter is with us to teach us how to harness each phase of our cyclical nature as a woman, so that we can maximize our power and live in flow with ourselves, instead of trying to survive while working against our own natural innate rhythm.

We touch on things like how to insert a lena cup (or diva cup), why it’s normal to be horny AF when you’re ovulating, what Lena believes about contraception, and we have a really profound discussion about how the closer we get to our bodies, the more intimately we can have our identity be revealed to us.

If you’re obsessed with periods like I am, or you’re curious to know how to live in YOUR flow, listen to the episode and get your world rocked in the best way possible.

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