CONNECTED 202: Interviewing my girlfriend

In this week’s episode, I have a very special guest on the show - my girlfriend Mel. I met Mel back in January and we recently decided to create a partnership together.


We talk about gender, sexuality, the coming out process + what my aesthetic is. She says it’s 8 bottles of coconut water with a notebook beside my computer at the end of the day?!?

I strongly like our banter and how we talk with each other. Mel straight up barely does social media, uses her phone like 20 minutes a day, and she is a school teacher when she’s not surfing, so the fact that she agreed to do the podcast and talk about being an O.G lesbian WITH ME was a real win. We recorded this episode in a park, so there are times where the sound quality isn’t studio worthy and I so apologize for that. The conversation was too good to ignore though, so I decided we are rolling with it.

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