The benefits of cucumber juice

I’m not kidding when I say cucumber juice is my favorite juice.

It sounds weird I KNOW, because it is literally JUST juiced cucumber, but I feel amazing after each glass within 20 minutes.

This is because cucumber juice is SO hydrating. And did you know that most of us are chronically dehydrated?

It also refreshes the adrenals because of all of the good mineral salts in it, so you don’t have to be using adrenaline to power your brain anymore.

Now, I find people either love or hate cucumber juice. And usually, when someone enjoys celery juice, I have found they hate cucumber juice. While I’ve found that the peeps who hate on celery, genuinely enjoy cucumber juice. I’m part of the latter. So if you try it, and you're like HELL NAH GIRL…

Just keep in mind I have an unofficial science going on here with the celery vs cucumber observation.

If you have a tummy ache, do cucumber juice. I have had some really hard belly problems whether it was heart burn, cramping, etc. Cucumber juice is about the ONLY thing that will fix your upset tum in 20 minutes time. Make sure to have 16-32 oz at least.

If you have an impending ‘getting sick’ vibe going on, do cucumber juice. It can help kill and flush out new viruses in the body according to medical medium.


Plus, this is arguably the best video on youtube. Yes I know it by heart, and I also know the remix by heart. There is no way you won’t smile getting your cucumbers out after listening to that.

Vitamin, minerals… very high number. Kidney cleanser. Great hydrator. Give your body good things, don’t be a traitor.

In his book, Life-Changing Foods, Anthony Williams says that bringing in cucumbers when you have any of the following symptoms is a great idea. Things like; fever, dandruff, bloating, gastric spasms, stagnant liver, dehydration, headaches, dry and or itchy skin, hot flashes, weight gain, menopause symptoms, PMS, anxiousness, neuralgia, food sensitivities, inflammation, blood toxicity, acidosis, back pain, all neurological symptoms (including tingles, numbness, spasms, twitches, nerve pain, and tightness of the chest), low hydrochloric acid.

Times I’ve used cucumber juice to help with these symptoms:

1) I drink a 32 oz cucumber juice before going in the plane which makes me EXTREMELY nervous. It helps right away, and is the only holistic thing I’ve found actually makes a helpful impact in this situation for me.

2) When I have gastric spasms I have cucumber juice and it takes them away within 20 minutes of drinking the juice. I’ll go from agonizing pain to totally normal so quickly, this ritual always reminds me just how much plants heal us. I’m like straight up amazed each time.

3) When I have food sensitivities concerns, like if I ate a bit of something I know doesn’t do well with me out at a restaurant (rice let’s say), I will have a big cucumber juice glass when I get home to avoid any issues moving forward.

4) I’ll have the cucumba when I have headaches brewing and it will often knock ‘em out completely right away. And if it doesn’t a few rounds of the juice will for sure.

5) If ever I am in a fever due a flu, cucumber juice is what I have all day long to keep hydrated and to get the virus out faster.

6) Finally, I also drink this magic when I have PMS or when I am really fatigued to ease the symptoms. It gives my adrenals a break when they are aching.

So, I’m not kidding when I say cucumber juice is my favorite juice. This is why. IT ALL WORKS SO WELL.

Pour it over coconut water ice cubes, and damn you’ve got yourself a damn MOCKTAIL, woman.

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