Fruits that help you sleep

Y'all know I love the medical medium. I actually had an appointment with him on December 24th 2015 and since then, after implementing his protocols, I've not had ONE single infection. This is spectacular because I used to suffer from infections (whether that was strep throat, sinus infection, ear infection, UTI, yeast infection) at least once a month. Sometimes, I'd be prescribed two doses of antibiotics in one calendar month. 

All this to say, Anthony's guidance and my transition to a plant based holistic lifestyle was highly healing for me. 

One thing it helped, other than removing my constant infections from plaguing my life, was my sleep. 

Anthony thought me that specific fruits can help me sleep because of their contents.This is usually my nightly snack that I wanted to share with you to help support you in the insomnia blues. Just cut these fruit up and enjoy. 

Mango: It's no wonder this fruit is called the KING. Mangos are packed with magnesium and B vitamins, helping out your neurological system to be supported which leads to being able to relax and get some rest. 


Bananas: Bananas are high in the amino acid tryptophan. Which Anthony says is great for promoting sleep and aiding the sleep-wake cycle.  

You know when you feel so tired after turkey dinner on thanksgiving? That's because turkey is said to have tryptophan. I prefer the banana variety though. #VeganLife


Cherries: Cherries are a wonderful source of trace minerals such as zinc and iron, but that's not all they provide. They also give us amino acids such as our friend tryptophan, lysine and threonine, which can work in tandem with melatonin helping the brain and body get relief from stress. 


When I was little my mom used to feed me pure cherry juice so I could sleep better. Now I know why! 

In terms of supplements that I use to sleep along with my fruit snack... 

I use the pharma gabba by throne research and melatonin by pure encapsulations. I also use gaia herbs such as their sleepsound and sleepthru formula I find works wonders. 

If a girl who had to be medicated heavily by pharmaceuticals to get some rest can do this sleep thing holistically, so can you! 

I hope these food and supplement tips that help me help you tonight.