CONNECTED 010: Human design with Jaclyn Michelle


Connected is back in your ear buds from a holiday hiatus. And oh boy, do I have a great episode for you. 

In this episode, I'm joined with Jaclyn Michelle, human design reader and expert.

I first got a reading with Jaclyn in November of last year when I was making some big choices for myself (urm... to go back to California or not). She helped me see myself better than I had in a while. So I had to share my obsession with human design with you in the form of interviewing this former 1st grade teacher turned powerhouse entrepreneur.  

She explains to us what human design is and the purpose of it. We get into things such as: the 5 types, authorities, defined and undefined centers, and what the profiles and gates in our charts mean.

My favorite part, in the spirit of Connected, is how we all interact with each other based on how our charts jive or trigger each other. 

You may want to take notes while listening to this conversation ‘cause it’s so dang good. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.s: if you want to do your chart, this is the website J recommends:

You can find Jaclyn at

You can listen to the episode on iTunes Podcast or on the podcast page of the site.

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