My Medical Medium Lifestyle

Hiya Gorgeous, 

I wanted to highlight what I do every day that helped me get off psych meds for good, and what's prevented me from having to take an antibiotic in nearly 3 years.

To give you context, I used to take an antibiotic at least once a month for years. I had all kinds of infections - strep, sinus, ear, bronchitis, pneunomia, UTI, yeast, etc. 

I was also on psych meds (ativan, seroquel, celexa, cymbalta, rumeron being the main ones) for 10 years to treat severe anxiety disorders. 

I haven't had to take an antibiotic since starting the Medical Medium protocol in January of 2016. AND I’m more than 15 months off of all psych meds.

When I first started the protocol over two years ago, I wanted to heal so bad that I went to my local health food store and bought all the supplements without fully understanding why I was taking them, and I got so overwhelmed with everything I had to eat, I would feel like giving up and going out to eat crepes (given, I was living in Montreal at the time so it was normal to just go out and eat buttery crepes). Since then, I've found a routine that really works for me. Allow me to clue you in on that exact daily routine and why I do the things that I do. Just a disclaimer that this is MY daily routine that works for me after some trial and error. Check with your health practitioner before implementing new protocols into your life. 

Step 1: Celery juice

The benefits of celery juice seem endless. But for me right now, celery helps break down and clear out both EBV and the strep bacteria in my system. It builds up my hydrochloric acid so my digestion game stays strong AND it helps repair my brain from burnt out neurotransmitters. 

Ideally, to make sure I don't skip out on this critical part of healing every day, I buy a ton of celery at the store ahead of time, clean it and place it in big glass containers to keep in the fridge, so when I am ready to juice, it's all there for me. PLUS, it's a little bit cold from being stored in the fridge...which makes the experience of celery juice way better. Honestly, warm celery juice is not what I prefer in life.


Step 2: Lemon honey water

I have 32 oz of lemon honey water that I make after celery juice and a little morning stretching and it is so satisfying. I’ll also use this time to make a second liter and or make some tea.


Step 3: Make food/ juices for breakfast and lunch

Takes about 1 hour to juice things + prep the adrenal snack and cut up the fruit. I take about 30 minutes to savor breakfast and chew and breathe well while eating. I’ll drink some tea as I make everything.

I make:

  • 30 oz of orange juice (8 oz to drink straight + 8 oz to put in HMD)

  • HMD smoothie

  • Prep adrenal snack 1: 2 apples, 4 dates and 4 celery celery sticks

  • Prep adrenal snack 2: 1 cup of berries, half a cucumber worth of cucumber slices and coconut water (24 oz)

  • Cut up melon for breakfast

Step 4: Clean up time + prep self & the space for the day

Here I:

  • Clean up the kitchen

  • Make my bed

  • Water my plants

  • Do my skin care routine + bathe/shower + get dressed and done up for the day

I am SUPERBLY into baths right now. I love to use healing oils, detoxifying salts and skin potions to adorn myself. 

I find that getting ready for the day even if I work from home is super helpful because it helps me feel 1) beautiful and confident but also, 2) it helps me differentiate work time and chill time.


Best bath time ever?


Step 5: Work / appointments

This is a time window for work calls with my clients, and if I don’t work that day, this is when I go out and do appointments or go out to enjoy life.

During my breaks, I’ll have my adrenal snacks. And I’ll drink my juice/ smoothing in appointment times to keep fueled up.

1st break: apples, celery, dates

2nd break: cucumber, berries, coconut water

STEP 6: Dinner

Around 4 pm each day, I am done work or back home from my daily adventure. I make dinner early when I’m by myself because I find that my loneliness can sink in around 6/7 pm, and if I haven’t eaten yet, I typically won’t eat because I’m so friggen depressed. And I end up spending my entire evening starving, longing for what I don’t have and on instagram pointlessly.

If I'm on my own now, I blast music, have fun, probably Instagram story what I'm making, and I'll sometimes watch a movie or listen to a podcast or music while I eat. I make sure to slow down breathe and CHEW!! This doesn’t come easily to me, so I have to make the extra effort to be conscious of HOW I’m eating, not just WHAT I’m eating.

If you hold your breath while you eat, it signals to your body that there is a threat. So many of us do this while eating, which takes us out of the parasympathetic digest mode that we need to properly assimilate food.

For dinner, I always like to make a delicious warming recipe, especially during the winter months, as I eat mostly raw during the day. It always involves potatoes or a squash of some kind.

I’ve been into bowls lately. It goes a little something like this: get all your favorite ingredients and put them together. YUM.


Here are my favorite medical medium recipes that I make for dinner (I also put their pretty pictures up): 

Coconut curry:

Aloo Matar:

Spaghetti squash bolognese:

Nachos potatoes:

Coconut curry

Coconut curry

Aloo matar

Aloo matar

Spaghetti Squash “Bolognese”

Spaghetti Squash “Bolognese”

Medical medium nachos

Medical medium nachos

STEP 7: Winding down from the day + sleep routine

After dinner, I clean and do light relaxing movement for my body. Listen to music.

Sleep for me has always been challenging, so setting the right kind of atmosphere, one I enjoy being in and feel safe in, helps tons. 

Because I eat dinner super early, I usually have a snack of a mango to aid in sleep when I’mr ready to retire for the night.

I also do the basic human stuff such as wash my face if needed, brush my teeth, turn the lights off to save power during the night. I say goodnight to all my people and tell them I love them, and then I turn my phone on airplane mode before getting into bed.

I either read or watch a show before I fall asleep.

I take my night time supplements which include...

  • PHARMA GABBA by Throne Research. This is the most expensive supplement I take, but so worth it for someone recovering from benzo damage. FYI gabba is the neurotransmitter that your body stops producing on its own after you've taken benzo - this is why withdrawal is so painful. Without gabba, the body has a hard time coming down from hyper arousal and relaxing physically. It's actually nearly impossible, which again, is why withdrawal is so painful.

  • Melatonin by pure encapsulations. The 20mg one. I usually take 1-2 depending on how NOT TIRED I feel! I dream of being those people who can take 3mg of melatonin and sleep for 12 hours. Ha!

  • Gaia herbs such as sleep thru and sleepsound.

  • CBD oil. I microdose cbd oil three times during the evening, first when I start making dinner, when I'm cleaning up from dinner and then once more after my bath before I start my wind down entertainment.

Annnnnnd there you have it- a complete summary of my ideal normal day here on the East coast where I see clients internationally. Keep in mind that I work mostly from home, and I am without any dependents, so I can basically do what I want all the time. If you have more on your plate, such as kids to take care of, all of this is still possible. Just got to structure it a bit differently. We're all in this together, but perhaps in different seasons of life. 

If you find anything about this helpful, let me know! Or if you have any more questions, as always, slide in my DMs.