What kind of makeup do you use?

I use beauty counter and I have for years. Recently, I became a consultant and you can now shop for your absolutely toxic-free make up from me here:  http://www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/emilyaube

Where do you get your cbd oil?

In Canada, I got a medical marijuana prescription because of my diagnosis of PTSD. I obtain my cbd oil concentrate from cannabis from my licensed provider. For more info on why and how I came to use MJ as medicine, you can read this blog post: emilyaube.ca/emilysblog/cbdoil

how do you dose your cbd oil? 

I do something called micro-dosing a concentrate. I have found this works best for me. Around 6 pm, I begin to dose a drop that resembles 2 grain of rice worth every two hours until I go to sleep. I put it on a spoon or on my hand and lick it off. If I have a choice, I would rather do a concentrate than a tincture.

What CBD oil do you use?

I will choose the phoenix tears brands of cbd concentrates if available to me over anything. They work the best for me, and I couldn't recommend it more. If you're in Canada, the brand miss envy and purely medicinal has been great to me. 

HOw long have you been on the medical medium protocols? 

I started living a plant based life after speaking with Anthony and coming up with a plan to heal my body with him on December 24th 2015. Best christmas gift ever! 

Are you fully vegan?

Not technically, because I do eat honey. 

I don't consume any other animal products however. 

I went plant-based for health reasons, but it’s super cool to also help out the environment and reduce animal cruelty while doing so.

What is the best non toxic kitchen cook wear? 

The recommendations for non toxic kitchen cookware comes from the medical medium. 

I have green life pots and pans.

I also have this great pot. 

In terms of utensils, I use this organic bamboo set.

I also use this stainless steal set .

What is somatic experiencing? 

Somatic experiencing is a form of alternative therapy that has the purpose of resolving trauma (c-ptsd/ ptsd) through somatic (bodily) based exercises in order to discharge stored up stress response energy so that the nervous system can regulate back to a healthy baseline. You can find a practitioner in your area here.

I am not an official somatic experiencing practitioner, but I use S.E techniques I’ve learnt that could perhaps be helpful for clients in my holistic life and business coaching practice.

Resources that you may find helpful other than my own lense on the topic of trauma recovery are my own teachers.

 Jane Clapp. Irene Lyon. 

How do you work with clients?

I meet clients online and on Zoom, which is a video chatting platform much like Skype. I do in person work during private retreats that are only available upon request if you are an established client. 

Are you gay?

I identify as queer. I am mostly interested by women romantically and sexually, but I also have been in love with men in the past. I attempt to try not to put myself in a box with my sexual and love preferences. But overall, I say… for me… it’s mostly women all the time, except SOMETIMES… under the right circumstances, it can be men. :-)



WHAT KInd of mattress do you have?

I have a sleep on latex 9" king in soft and a 3' topper. It's like sleeping on a cloud. Highly recommend. 

What kind of juicer do you have?

An Omega - THIS one in particular. 

HOW did you get off of benzo?

The true story is that I did a cold turkey withdrawal by choice, which means I stopped taking my regular dose overnight and did not titrate. This is considered to be extremely dangerous. I did have a mild form of a seizure in the first 48 hours. I also lost a lot of weight and had to be cared for like I was a small child for about 3-4 months following my last dose by my ex-partner and family. I also had to take a work sabbatical during this timeframe. It was the hardest time of my life. I found the Ashton Manual and consequent online support groups to be really informative, especially if your primary doctor feels like no help during this unbearable time. My only warning with that is to be careful how much you read in support groups, because some stories are straight up horrific, and it doesn't mean the worst will also happen to you. Please inform yourself on how to get off benzo safely is that is what you wish to do. You need a lot of support. 

How long were you on benzo and how much did you take it?

I was on benzo for 10 years. From the time I was twelve years old until I was twenty-two. 

I did not take it every day for those ten years. Most likely, on average, I took a dose 3-4 times a week. But the truth is; I spent half my teenagehood and early adult life sedated on ativan to function. At the very end of my benzo use, within the last year, I did take a dose every day, sometimes several times a day. 

I had built a pretty strong tolerance that kept me wanting more and experiencing interdose withdrawal that left me with crazy anxiety that I believed I deserved a benzo to calm down from. Turns out, the anxiety was just the rebound from the initial dose's effects leaving my . 

How long did it take you to feel better after benzo withdrawal?

Gradually, but I would say I started feeling truly better around month 8, and then somewhat regaining my life back from benzo damage around month 11. Symptoms faded each month deeper into withdrawal. I would say I found a true difference at about the year mark in my sleeping. I can finally nap! I know it'll be a process for my body to keep making its own GABA after years of relying on a pill to make it. 

Did you ever take any other medication to manage your anxiety other than benzo?

I tried several SSRI's but they weren't effective enough for me to justify staying on them long term. I did take seroquel as a sleep aid for about 12-months following an event trauma when I was eighteen. I began to be depressed for the first time when I was on seroquel and withdrew from my dose after 1 yr because I noticed my skin suffering and my mood being really negatively impacted.  I also took sleeping pills like zoplicone on and off. However, I mostly chose benzo as my pharmaceutical of choice. 

Do you still suffer from anxiety? 

Yes. But I manage it differently with effective resourcing. Through food, herbs, movement, breath, safe relationships, purposeful work. ETC. Basically, I walk my talk in terms of what I teach. 

Any books you recommend?

Oh heck yes!

Attached by Amir Levine should be read by every single person on the planet who is interested in being in a relationship.

Medical Medium books. My favorite is probably the first one.

My favorite book duo that is outside of self-help is probably Something Borrowed and Something Blue from Emily Giffin.

I also am a huge Chelsea Handler and Jenny Mollen book fan. Those books have made going through depression easier by restoring some joy.