The Nervous system health MASTERY group program with emily Beatrix

You deserve to feel safe in your body and in the world.

How we work together:

The program is a total of 10 weeks. The next round of the program starts on June 4th.

Every week, we will meet for a 2-hour group teaching & hot seat session (all calls will be recorded).

This is not an evergreen or online automated course. It’s a series of workshops done as online teaching sessions in group to promote community while healing. You will get the opportunity to sit in the “hot seat”, which means do some 1-1 coaching with me with the group present if you wish.

The group limit is 11.


1700 USD upfront.

1797 USD via payment plan. 3 payments of 599.00.


1400 USD upfront.

1497 USD. 3 payments of 499.00.

This is a 300.00 off intro special.

PLUS… an individual 60-minute individualized nervous system health coaching session with me valued at 375.00 to be used during program duration.

HIRE ME AS YOUR Nervous system health COACH…

And join an amazing group of healing womxn in this 10 week program. We will meet weekly, and I will teach you the things you need to know to reclaim proper nervous system health. It’s very important to me that you feel safe in your body and in the world so that you can overcome the adversity you have faced. I deeply believe and know it’s possible. There was once a time where I did not believe I’d ever feel safe in my body or in the world again, but it was through learning about my nervous system and knowing how to care for it, and then for myself as a whole that I healed. This program will teach you to do the exact same. I’ve curated it specifically for those who have experienced developmental trauma who sadly feel the impacts of it in the forms of things like chronic illness, dysfunctional relationships or financial highs and lows. Here’s a brief overview of what our time together will cover;



The first month will be dedicated to understanding what the autonomic nervous system is, how it works and why you need to know about yours and the one of the people you love. Believe me when I say that your world will NEVER be the same after this education. Everything starts and ends with nervous system health.

We will spend time covering the best neurological repair food + strength building movement this month too. Keep in mind that this teaching material is highly accessible to consider people with physical limitations and is medical medium friendly. Please inquire with me directly if you have concerns about being able to participate in the exercises suggested and I’ll gladly answer those questions.

Week 1 - What is the autonomic nervous system? This week we will gain mastery on how yours works.

Week 2 - The three pillars to nervous system health PART 1. This week we will cover food. You’ll get intensive education about what food inflame the nervous system and what foods heal the NS. All the information provided will stem from the work of medical medium. Even if you’ve followed his protocols for a while, this will rock your world because all the info you’ll need for the nervous system will be in one place and in easy digestible ways to implement. We’ll also go over how to create NO food fears from a nervous system level when you’re changing up your food lifestyle - something I know a lot of people struggle with.

By popular demand, I will also do a throughout explanation of my CBD knowledge and its benefits for the nervous system. What clean brands I love and how to use them.

Week 3 - The four pillars to nervous system health PART 2. This week we will cover movement and environment. You’ll learn how to discharge your stress through stimulating flight and fight responses to gently work with triggers in new and effective ways - so that you’re not shutting down and holding on to stress when stressors show up in your world anymore. You’ll also learn how to curate an environment that will heal your nervous system - from non toxic products to the best water filtering systems you can get, and how to make a safe place where you live.



There are ten core needs that often fail to be met when someone has suffered developmental trauma. This month, we will get to know these 10 core needs in DETAIL and see if you’ve had a hyper or hypo response to not having your need(s) unmet.

We will focus on sustainable internal and external resourcing, so that you can finally have what was supposed to happen - your needs met.

Week 4 - An intimate and in depth look at the most common 10 greatest unmet needs in developmental trauma and which of yours were met, unmet or inconsistently met so that you have awareness about where you are most vulnerable.

Week 5 - Identifying your hyper and hypo responses to stressors. This week we will see how you respond to your unmet or inconsistently met needs.

Week 6 and 7 will focus on how to get back to the window of tolerance in our bodies through an in depth look at resources.

Week 6 - Internal resourcing. There are two ways to meet our needs. One internally (by ourselves) and two, externally (with others). We will go over what internal resources you currently use and shift them as necessary.

Week 7 - External resourcing. We’ll be doing the same thing we did a week but with external resourcing. I’ll also be teaching some effective ways to voice your needs to others in a way different personality types will receive it.



This month will focus on teaching about attachment styles identifying your primary attachment style. I’ll give you strategies on how to understand what protest behavior you use and how to modify your response by effectively communicating your needs if you’re anxious, and I’ll help you set a plan in place on how to cope with the waves of avoidance if you identify as avoidant.

Month 3 in general will focus on relationships and boundaries, and the way that two (or more) nervous systems interact - for the better or worst. We’ll go over the science of co-regulation and self-regulation, and I’ll suggest do-able safe and healthy ways to implement both.

Week 8 - The attachment styles.

Week 9 - Two nervous systems is better than 1? This will be how to co-regulate with someone (or with an animal) 1.0.1.

Week 10 - The types of boundaries and how to communicate them AND respect them.

My wish for you is that you’ll walk away from the course feeling really understood, validated and ready to dive deeper into your healing now that you understand your nervous system, how to meet your needs, how to be with yourself and others, and what kind of boundaries you need to implement in your life.


WOMXN client.jpg
  • Womxn who are interested in healing their anxiety and or depression holistically through things like food, movement, environment, and safe secure relationship building. I don’t believe in pharmaceuticals as a long term solution for stress management and I am really passionate about giving people alternative tools.

  • Womxn who have chronic illness and eat perfectly and do ‘all the things’ but still find themselves plateauing or feeling stuck and suffering health wise.

  • Womxn who have had a history of romantic relationship woes - either having been in abusive or narcissistic relationships before, or having lived significant betrayal such as cheating, lying, etc.

  • Womxn who have a hard time finding and maintaining friendship where they can connect in depth and how they enjoy - often resulting in isolation and chronic loneliness.

  • Womxn who want to learn about healing their attachment trauma by identifying their attachment styles clearly.

  • Womxn who are in need of more boundaries that feel like a good middle ground. Somewhere between wall of china level and complete door mat level.

  • Womxn who are outraged at the systemic issue of cultural isolation who are looking to create more togetherness. Especially in healing.

  • Womxn who are interested in learning about HOW their nervous system works from a biological standpoint to change their life by learning how to regulate after activation. Basically this program is for the ones who keep following me on social media and loving the content - and know they are ready for more.

  • Womxn who would like to create sustainable financial stability in their lives through having good health.

  • Womxn who are willing and able to invest financially in their healing at this time.

group progam what you can expect.jpg

What you can expect from me:

  • Really amazing life changing weekly teaching sessions completed with follow-along powerpoints and recordings of all our time together.

  • A voxer (it’s kind of like iMessage) Q & A support group chat that I monitor and participate in with the group during program duration in my business hours.

  • 100 % confidentiality (within a group framework) and professionalism.

Why I care about this work…

Heart centered .jpg

I accumulated developmental trauma over the course of my childhood and adolescence which consequently led to several chronic illness issues. My own ACE score is actually a bold 8, which is considered pretty high.

Growing up in a household and in situations where your care givers are the cause of your stress and do not help alleviate it, is truly exhausting.

I care about helping people learn how to take care of themselves, and trust themselves and their bodies again, after narcissistic abuse and developmental trauma.

When you’ve lived developmental trauma, it doesn’t set you up for life in a beautiful way where you have the capacity to tackle on taking care of yourself. There was a time in my life where I did not know if I'd be healthy enough to work and be a functioning adult, provide for myself and give myself the resources, including the stability and safety, I needed to heal and to be well.

Once I understood how to claim my nervous system health because of education, my world changed. Eventually, I felt safe in my body and in the world again after thinking I would never feel that.

Essentially, working with me in the holistic nervous system health group program is a way to learn how to take care of yourself.

You deserve this kind of support. 




Nervous system health mastery PAYMENT PLANS
599.00 every month for 3 months


My work with Emily has been an absolute anchor while healing from chronic illness. Our sessions leave me feeling hopeful, in control, and grounded. Her ability to quickly and eloquently pin point the root of my physical and emotional blocks is just truly genius. Each session is completely enlightening. She is guiding me in not only healing from years of illness and trauma, but also toward true and deep fulfillment in life. I cannot recommend Emily enough. This work has been one of the most important parts in my healing journey and I would not be where I am without her. I’d say working with her is life-saving *prayer hand emoji*
— Megan Botel
I cannot properly put into words how valuable my time with Emily was. I felt such a strong pull to work with her, and now I know why. While I thought we’d be focusing on writing to heal, it became clear there were several traumas and triggers we needed to concentrate on. She heard me, understood me, validated my experiences and helped me to gain an understanding that I am eternally grateful for. She is fun, honest, insightful and compassionate. Emily is a true wealth of knowledge and anyone who has the privilege to work with her will greatly benefit from her guidance and presence in their life
— Gabbi Zaccheria
Emily has an incredible ability to hold powerful space for groups to dive deep into the work of releasing blocks and reclaiming our power while retaining her gentle, nurturing energy. She is a true embodiment of the divine feminine!

I felt completely understood, supported, encouraged and guided to confidently own who I am and what I am here to do! I love Emily’s approach of honoring and embracing our sensitivities and she so authentically walks her talk!
— Alli Nelson
I couldn’t believe how often it [panic attacks] happened and how bad I felt. I luckily almost don’t remember what it was like since it’s been so long. Emily completely changed my life and I cannot thank her enough for all she did for me. 
— Julia Casale
Working with Emily has changed my whole outlook on life. In my eyes, Emily’s coaching was what got me out of my deep dark rut of anxiety and depression that I thought I could never overcome. I wouldn’t be where I am, or as happy as I am without Emily.
— Samantha Wollborn
Working with Emily is a breath of fresh air! The first week I signed on to work with her, I was hit with heartbreak and betrayal. I was also suffering from chronic illness and completely lost myself and spirit. Emily was able to clearly identify my barriers to being healthy and feeling alive again. She taught me how to move through my days while physically and emotionally healing and inspiring myself! When you talk to Emily you feel like you are being completely understood, and you are talking to a friend. I found her at the end of the worst year of my life.. and she was the start of my new beginning! I am so grateful for her!
— Hillary Allen