212: Not all advice is made equal with Alexandra Covucci

Episode 212 features Alexandra Covucci.

She is a leadership coach who helps people who are really good at what they do work wise, be really good at who they are to have more impact, income and intimacy in their lives.

I really like how Alex notices and observes people. Personally, she’s seen some things in me I thought only I knew about - like how I get a kick out myself and have a ton of inside jokes with my own brain. I really wanted to have Alex on the show because she wrote this post that moved me in the summer around how not all advice is made equal and why we should filter in information based on who we are when it comes to the feedback that’s offered to us. No two people are the same and I thought this was a really important piece to bring up in the self-help/ personal developmental community because so much of the teachings are generic and one-size fits all - often forgoing nuances.

Alexandra shares with us that she had just reached her highest business income month ever ealier this year and someone in her inner circle told her that it was time to keep pressing the gas. Knowing herself, she actually said, “no, I’m actually probably going to go take a nap.” I really liked this conversation because knowing ourselves, our past, and our patterns deeply, is a crucial part of how we can make decisions that actually work for us.

Kind of like, "there is no better expert in you than you." 

We also talk about practicing receiving more money, more love, more attention and how Alex has done it recently. We discuss things like being brave and saying your truth even if your truth is a threat to your current circumstances. Alex ended a 7 year relationship 20 days before a wedding ceremony last year.

My favorite part of it all is when we talk about coming out of the closet (and not just in your sexual orientation but in any way you may be hiding), being gay, Alex’s first kiss with a girl when she was in high school, and fitting in and belonging in the self-help community that’s pretty heteronormative currently.

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