Connected 211: Breath work with Assana Rae

This week I have trauma resolution coach Assana Rae, who’s an excellent and insightful speaker about topics that matter to her like social justice. Honestly, I just really enjoy listening to her. She’s got those Aquarius sun teacher vibes.

She’s on to talk with me about breath work and her new program called Rooted - which centers on nurturing right relationship to soul, body, earth, linage and sex. My favorite part of it all is around resolving our collective trauma around colonialism. I really liked talking with Assana about how the Catholic Church literally banned and made grieving illegal.

I’ve recently re-discovered breath work through Assana Rae and I’ve had some really big moments of healing this summer through adopting a practice - like all my allergies are gone after going on a journey back to my childhood during a session. I knew I had to have her on to talk about the nervous system and brain science behind breath work and the different kinds she practices and teaches. This is a must listen to if you want to stop intellectualizing your emotions and get back to feeling them and letting them move through you. One of my favorite things that I have reclaimed through breath work is that it’s so safe to feel.

I think however that my favorite part of the entire episode is at the very end when we are doing rapid fire questions and I ask Assana about what the biggest piece of wisdom she carries is… she shares with us this nugget that goes like: you won’t know your yes until you know your no.

It really touched me because as I am at the tail end of navigating my coming out journey and integrating my sexuality as a gay woman, I’ve often felt so strange for having dated so many men in the past 10 years until I arrived at: okay, no, I’m just gay. I often wish I would of had a more clear cut sexuality from the get-go. I envy women who’ve always identified as lesbian or gay and I envied women who always identified as bi or as straight. I was so confused for so long about what my yes was because I hadn’t completely identified my no.

Now I that I know… life is just so sweet. I hope you love this episode as much as I did. :)

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