An air purifier that will solve your allergy problems

I have really bad ragweed allergies.

I’ve had them since I was a kid and I even fell into that bullshit about how it was probably because I hated going back to school and that my body was scared of change or whatever.

Turns out if I remove myself from where the ragweed is, I stop getting ragweed allergies. So… I actually am allergic to ragweed.

I’ve spent both the end of summer and beginning of fall (typically ragweed season on the east coast) in California in both 2018 and 2017, so I skipped allergy season.

This summer, when I moved into my new house, which is on the east coast, I got myself an IQ air purifier. It’s honestly hella expensive for an air purifier but it’s the Cadillacs of these machines. I’ve read all the reviews in the world for different air purifiers and I was genuinely curious and pulled toward this one, because no one said it didn’t work. In fact, everyone who purchased this air purifier said it solved their asthma and allergies and they could finally sleep or hang out in a room without feeling terrible. It also happens to be the top recommended one by Medical Medium, so I felt confident.

I’ve had it for a few weeks and although ragweed season is just beginning, I get extremely sick being outside - sneezing, coughing, wheezing, feeling like my body is a million pounds, blurry eyes from eyes watering - the whole kit. When I come into my bedroom, where I have the IQ air set up, I literally feel NOTHING after a few moments of being in here. And I’ve been sleeping amazingly. It’s like I have no ragweed allergies at all.

I deeply recommend this investment if you get seasonal allergies that mess with your sleep or general wellbeing.

As always with all the products or things I recommend, I have zero affiliation with anyone or anything on this blog. This is purposeful because I want to genuinely share with you what has helped me and not have you worry that I am being paid to tell you it works.

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