Detoxing plants

Clearly, I need connection in my life or I feel really uneasy.

One of the best non people oriented ways I find connection in my home is through my plants. 

They need care and nurturing just like I do, and it's cool to keep them alive by giving them the kind of sunlight they need and to feed them water just like I need to do for myself. 

Here are some of my plants:



Here are my favorite plants and some notes on how to take care of them: 

Peace lily PLANTS

Water needs: A peace lily is THIRSTY, so keep her soil moist without overwatering daily. Mist her leaves too. She enjoys it.

Sunlight needs: She enjoys a shady spot. 

Its power: Cleanses the air of pollutants such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. 

peace lily.jpg

Spider plants

Water care: Water every couple of days for soil to be moist, but honestly, this plant is easy to maintain. The way you know you're loving on her properly is if she begins to grow "babies", which will be little extensions of the plant at the end of the stems. 

Sunlight care: Loves bright but indirect sunlight.

Its power: Removes thing like formadelhyde which is found in our traditional couches for example. 

spider planT.jpg


Water needs: Water once or twice a week ish. When you water her, make sure her soil is well watered and there is no excess water

Sunlight needs: Enjoy suns.

Its power: Takes out toxins much like xylene.

snake plant.jpg


Aloe plants

Water needs: Little water. I don’t even water my aloe plant, instead I keep her in my bathroom. She thrives on humidity and will flourish with the aftermath of your shower.

Sunlight needs: Easy going and can thrive without sunlight, especially if kept in bathroom and humid conditions.

Its power: Not only does it get rid of formaldehyde, but it also heals your skin from various aliments like acne if applies topically. You can also ingest aloe by throwing it into a smoothie or some water for some viral healing properties. Ultimately, you can't go wrong with this one.

aloe plant.jpg
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