connected 209: Medical Medium protocols don't have to be so hard with Lauren Henry

Health coach and fellow medical medium healing protocol enthusiast Lauren Henry joins me to talk about what a day in the life of healing chronic illness looks like.

Lauren and I both left college extremely sick with EBV and chronic illness diagnosis like Lyme, autoimmune and fibro.

And then we found @medicalmedium .

On this episode we talk about recovery, how Lauren went living with her mom isolated and not able to function with Lymes disease to living in Hawaii with near perfect health, we also jam about not drinking alcohol 🍷 , how Lauren has handled healing in the public eye and micro fame in this world and what her days look like. We also talk about our mutual obsession with burritos AND she answers listener questions about tinnitus, gut issues and hormonal imbalance. ✨

Listen to Lauren’s episode on iTunes here or download and/or stream the episode on your device below:

Emily Aube