My medical medium routine 3 years in

I’ve been on the medical medium protocols for 3 and a half years now.

I started around Christmas in 2015.

I was doing celery juice before it was cool, y’all! I remember the times when asking for 16 oz of pure celery juice made you look crazy even in California. Hehe. Now, it’s like coffee. Everyone does it.

What a 3 years it’s been!

Medical medium protocols are the reason I am healthy today. Before Anthony came into my life, I was sick with infections of all sorts (strep, tonsillitis, ear infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, Uti’s, chronic yeast infections) at least once a month and usually more than once at a time. This isn’t overreacting either. I was ingesting an antibiotic dose usually every 2 weeks.

I was also deeply addicted to psych meds in the form of doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals before Anthony. When I finally requested an ingredient list from my pharmacist for my prescription I was literally shocked to see that the first three ingredients for my pills were MSG, aspartame and dairy. All 3 of the biggest most inflammatory and damaging agents to the nervous system.

Anthony gave me my life back. You can be skeptical all you want, but I tried EVERYTHING - holistic and conventional before I followed Anthony’s recommendations for my healing and nothing worked.

I wasn’t sick in a cute way - I was really really really sick, with over 8 chronic illness diagnosis that had no real long term solution. I was told that I would most likely be in a wheelchair due to MS by the time I was 30. And that all I could do was try and manage my chronic illness symptoms.

Now, I haven’t had an infection in 3 and a half years. I am over 2 years sober of all Pharma’s - including all the sleep meds I thought I would never be able to sleep without, and I run a very successful business helping other people find their healing too - often sharing Anthony’s information as the foundation to healing.

My medical medium routine definitely shifted and evolved in the past 3 and a half years, and I even wrote a biog post about what my daily life was like last year on the protocol HERE. Now more than ever, my routine is simple, I actually like everything I am eating and I give myself room to evolve.

People make the medical medium protocols way more complicated than they need to be, and I myself, have done that too in the past.

Really - all Anthony says is to eat plants and heal with herbs. There are fruit and veggies at every single grocery store worldwide. It’s really not that hard. It does take some de-conditioning as to what is a proper meal though. So give yourself some time, and if you’re worried, track all the goodness you are intaking (including enough protein) on the protocols on your chronometer app. Follow people who don’t have massive food fears going on and won’t crucify themselves if they have canola oil or corn one time.

What matters is that most of the time you are eating plant based whole foods.

I posted a poll on my instagram asking who would be interested in knowing my routine 3 + years in, and over 200 of you said yes in a few hours, so here I am and here we go.


This is what I do throughout the morning, say like from 8 am to about 1 pm.

•32-64 oz Lemon or lime honey water 

•16 oz of Celery juice 

•24 oz of orange juice

•HMD smoothie


• I like to have cooked food for lunch. I get the most hungry at around like 1 pm ish. I usually have left overs from dinner the night before, so often times this is what my lunch ends up being. If not, I will make potato fries and a dipping sauce and have a little salad to go with things.

•In the afternoon after lunch, I’ll have one or two adrenal snacks.  My current favorites are the O.G apple, celery and dates OR cucumber slices, raspberries and coconut water. Sometimes, I get my juicer firing up again and make a cucumber juice. 

•This covers me from 1 pm to about 5 or 6 pm. 


•For dinner, I usually make a big salad (mineral salts again!) as well as a medical medium recipe or an ash foster recipe. Sometimes, I also search on Pinterest vegan recipes and I medical medium them up.

•Fruit snack before bed (mangoes/ papaya or berries or kiwis usually) and all this goodness covers me from about 6 pm to 10 pm until I head to sleep.


  • When I first started the protocols, I literally was taking like 25 supplements + herbs. Now I only take a few because I focus on getting most of my minerals + vitamin from food. It’s also cheaper this way. Like for example, the fact that I have an orange juice a day covers me beyond with my vitamin C intake. That adds on if I am eating kiwi and berries too every day, which I usually do.

  • I take zinc daily. That’s one thing Anthony told me back in the day - that I was EXTREMELY zinc deficient. 3 years later, and I’m just starting to grow half moons on my nails. (If you have half moons on your nails, it means you have enough zinc in ya!)

  • I also take bioavailable b12 daily, just because it’s not really in any of our food supply and it helps rebuild the nervous system.

  • I take licorice root twice a day. 10 am and 2 pm for my adrenals. My adrenals, especially my left one is still very much fired from all the trauma I endured in my life time.

  • I make lemon balm, nettle or rose hips tea infusions a few times a week and I use the tea in smoothies, or as some of my water intake daily.

  • I also take lemon balm as a tincture because it’s so good for nerves.

  • I keep golden seal and cat’s claw on hand if ever I am feeling particularly bothered by a sore throat or ear ache as it’s a natural antibiotic, but don’t take them daily anymore.

  • I take pharma gaba nightly still, because I am rebuilding my body after benzo damage. Benzo takes your body’s natural ability to make the neurotransmitter gaba.

And that’s a typical day in my world now. I will say, with time, everything has gotten so much easier. Cooking isn’t hard anymore.

I remember when I started this healing journey, making a smoothie was difficult because I had so little energy.

Now, I have a hard time connecting with the fact that this was my reality because I am not reminded of that level of chronic fatigue + nerve pain on the daily anymore.

My biggest piece of advice: consistency is what will cure you. It’s not just the celery juice for a few weeks that will solve all your issues. It’s the lifestyle too - of deeply caring of yourself. Don’t give up.

And if you’re curious as to why I am doing the things this way now…

•You’ll notice I try to avoid cooking with oils. This is for the liver.

  • I don’t prevent myself from having avocados though – as much as I want. They are amazing for nerve repair and they are so high in magnesium which the NS desperately needs. 

•I do a raw liquid diet until lunch time to use that timeframe as my detoxing time. Then I use the rest of the day as my grounding time. 

•I eat something basically every hour – two hours to keep my adrenals happy with enough mineral salts and glucose after years of toxic stress. I plan to do this for quite some time still. 

  • I don’t do all raw because my body deeply loves cooked foods - probably because my nervous system was so damaged throughout my life.

  • When I don’t feel well and I’m having a flare, I try to avoid going into deep stress response mode - because you can’t spend your time immediately trying to figure out why it’s happening, you have to focus on the solutions to get you out of the flare.  Do the hydration. Get the cucumber juice going. Do the celery juice every morning that week- no excuses. Get the adrenal snacks happening. Do lots of smoothies and REST. When you feel better, then you can play detective.

Hope this inspires you to make things a bit more simple, find what works best for your body and chill out when you make a less healing choice.