connected 208: narcissist abuse recovery with Miranda Sophia

Miranda Sophia and I have a lot in common. Not only in our life experiences, and because we are from the same place in the world, but around our approach to our work. She is one of the rare women I’ve met in the healing community who can hold both intellect (and science) and wicked magic like I do. It’s been so cool to get to know her and I feel really privileged to have been able to pick her brain so much for us on the podcast. We sat down and recorded a THREE hour conversation. THREE HOURS of free valuable amazing content guys!

She joins us this week to talk about narcissist abuse recovery and her work with women. She talks about how narcissistic abuse recovery initiates us into our sovereignty and power as women in post-traumatic growth.

We talk about the earth, water and fire initiations of recovery and what they each entail.

To give you a little taste, earth initiation is all about reclaiming safety and stability for your nervous system, water initiation is about creating capacity (widening our river banks) to be resilient/ be able to hold two truths at once, and fire is about reclaiming choice and being in relationship in healthy sovereign ways.

We also answer listener questions like does a narcissist know what they are doing, and talk about the energy and consciousness of systems that are failing us like the patriarchy.

It may be an episode that you need to talk notes on, or pause and then come back to multiple times. You’ll hear Miranda inviting you to have consent with yourself and take the show in little bites too.

Here are some resources we mentioned throughout the show:

You may want to check out the book psychopath Free by Jackson MacKenzie

On youtube some free and awesome resources would be:

Melanie Tonia Evans

Inner Integration

Surviving Narcissism &

Ross Rosenberg

Here is a great article that details the kind of tactics narcs can use to manipulate you:

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