How to use your rebounder for nervous system regulation

You probably have heard of some of the benefits of rebounding, such as stimulating the lymphatic system to promote detox through the skin. 

I have something else to show you that the rebounder can offer that you may not have heard of before. It's going to help you a ton. 

First, I have to explain a bit of the technical nervous system stuff for everything to make sense. Here it goes (and I've kept it as simple as I can): 

When a stressor arrives in contact with our being or our environment, a stress response is activated in our body. 

We usually have access to a few options and our bodies will pick the one most suitable to what's going on automatically. 

We have the choice between fight, flight or freeze. 

We will choose the one that will assure our safety the most. Or the one we perceive will bring us the most safety. 

When we've had trauma that had no resolution in the past, we can confuse new triggers as the old stressors in the present and react in similar ways, which may not be necessary. 

For example, last year I saw a domestic violence fight in my neighborhood. Although unpleasant to see for anyone, it activated me as though it was happening in my space and to my body. 

My automatic activation told me to move immediately. I was having a huge flight response to what I witnessed. 

In reality, I wasn't in danger myself. I wasn't even a part of the conflict. But just witnessing it in my nearby environment was enough to create a stress response that attempted to get me safe again. 

I witnessed domestic violence in my house growing up, so when I see it happening in other homes, I have a hard time separating myself from theirs and mine, and my stress response comes on to tell me I must leave in order to be safe somewhere else- much like how I reacted to it when I was a teen. 

Except now, I am an adult, I don't live with my family anymore and my home is always peaceful. 

I could of let this impulse be seen as 'intuitive' and decide to go find myself another lease because now I was aware people fought across the street. 

Or, I could slow down and discharge the stress energy that was being activated for me by witnessing something similar to the trauma I lived. Doing this would help me notice that I was safe this whole time because that was their life, and not mine. 

A great way to discharge FLIGHT stress energy is to actually run and give your body the impression that you are leaving the situation. 

Enter rebounder... 

When you feel yourself wanting to run when a trigger appears that activates an old trauma response like flight, first get on your rebounder and run on it as fast as you can. Do this a few times and see how much you feel better after discharging this stress energy. 

Folks... stress is often times in our bodies. Not in our minds. If we are equipped to know how to take care of discharging our stress energy, it won't get to be mental. 

The rebounder exercise is one of the easiest ways to do this. You can use this exercise whenever you feel anxious too, even if there was no sudden trigger, especially when you get jitters that you can't quite pin point. Usually, those random bouts of anxiety is old stress energy that wants and is ready to be released. 

Try it out and enjoy the nervous system regulation that comes from discharging excess sympathetic energy so you can regain proper sleep-rest-digest and social engagement. 

*Please note that if this post is geared toward people in trauma recovery, who have access to a safe place. If you aren't safe, the impulse to flight to somewhere different should be respected and fulfilled.*

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