CONNECTED 205: Getting your needs met with Sarah Bryn

This week on the podcast, I have my friend Sarah Bryn on to talk about how to move out of a lifetime of codependency by owning your needs, and being able to communicate them.

Sarah is an artist and guide who uses creativity to help people connect more deeply to themselves and their truth. In this episode we talk about the healing power of using our voice and learning to take up space as women again after eras of being asked to be polite and quietly move through life.

We talk about survival dependency and we question if it's manipulative to meet everyone else's needs to get yours met. Additionally, we chat about our mutual experience of having a hyper response to getting our needs met due to developmental trauma and finally, we talk about the change that is scary to consider when we let everyone be sovereign and respect other people's boundaries.

It's a must listen if you struggle with feeling like people never show up for you and this show may inspire you to show up for yourself in a way you never have before.

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