CONNECTED 206: I'm single and I'm not ready to mingle

My goal in talking about my sexuality, and the fact that in my life I have been in both same-sex relationships and opposing sex relationships, is to normalize being queer. 

I felt like I HAD to be straight or I HAD to be lesbian. 

What if my sexuality is on the spectrum (Yeah, it's still 93 % women, 7 % men... #EmilyScience) and I love who I love and I'm attracted to whom I'm attracted to?! 


In this episode, I talk about how the podcast stretches me to accept my imperfections (because sometimes I'll say a word wrong or I won't be perfectly attuned to people and I'll look stupid for a hot sec. Or I'll have different opinions later on than I have now.)

I talk about why ending a relationship when you realize you can't give each other what the other needs as soon as you realize this saves you a ton of pain, but can be confusing like, am I doing the right thing here? Am I being too dramatic? Should I just try harder? Sometimes it's easier to leave when someone has betrayed the other and you KNOW it's not meant to be.

I talk about what gifts Mel brought me, the best sex of my life, and also how I was definitely jealous of her and didn't feel we had common ground to walk on sometimes (like around chronic illness) which would drain me and make me feel alone in our relationship.

I talk about what it felt like to be in same-sex relationship publicly for the first time - there was nothing super different about it as I thought there would be, except people constantly asking you and your S.O if you are siblings which never happens in heterosexual relationships *eye roll*.

And finally, I talk about being single and NOT necessarily ready to mingle and what kind of mood I'm in lately. I am writing a freaking book!!

I also talk about how I was terrified of losing business when I came out in early May - publicly for the first time ever. May and June ended up being my BEST business months ever. I even wrote an instagram post about it HERE.

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Emily Aube