The best mattress (I've ever had)

I have been through it with mattresses. I ordered a few, only to return them because they were too chemical-ly, or not comfortable. 

Listen, a mattress purchase is a big deal. We spent half the day on our mattresses and we need it to be healthy and supportive of our bodies. 

For a while, all I could think about were mattresses. Literally, most of my thoughts during the day centered on what the best mattress to purchase would be. 

I struggled with the hefty price tags of all organic mattresses and I had a hard time justifying the price. 

Finally, I found THE BEST MATTRESS I'VE EVER HAD and that is the sleeponlatex King Size 9 " mattress (with the 3 " topper) in soft. 

Guys, I sleep on a cloud now. 


Photograph credited to sleeponlatex

Not only is this mattress completely chemical free, it is organic and has only two ingredients: latex and cotton. 

I'm sharing this here because I wish when I went on my quest someone had posted about this amazing company so I could of went straight to them, avoiding countless trips to specialized stores and endless nights googling 'best natural mattresses'. Plus, I would of saved myself a lot of delivery guys in my house coming in and out of mattresses I was testing.

The sleeponlatex company is based out of Chicago, and their customer service is phenomenal. I know this because I returned one of their mattresses I bought on a trial run before I bought my final size I wanted from them. They were the kindest even if I wasn't being an ideal customer with no issues what so ever. 

The price is SUPER affordable and you can even do payment plans. If you are in the states, there is also free shipping. If you're in Canada, they do ship to you for a 200.00 fee, which is worth it in my opinion after trying it, having it, and loving it.

To be honest, it's so affordable I was scared there was going to be a problem with it. 

If you need a mattress that will make your healing grow in your sleep, this is the one to get in my opinion. Save yourself the hassle of trying out a million different ones, and get yourself a sleeponlatex ASAP. 

The only thing I would say is slightly annoying about this mattress is how heavy it is once you take it out of the box. It is hard to move by yourself. But if you've got a friend, a dad, or a hottie with a body nearby, you're good to go. 

To summarize, this mattress is the best I've ever had because... 

1) It is healing 

2) It's so comfortable (like literally the best I've ever had. Say it for the people in the back!)

3) It's affordable 

4) Great customer service

Sweet dreams. ;)

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