Connected 207: Vulnerability hangovers

In this episode, I talk about how I was insecure after sharing that episode last week about why my relationship with Mel ended. 

I had a vulnerability hangover after sharing that episode, because I shared some pretty big truths about myself and about her, and I still worry about hurting people's feelings when I am storytelling. 

Sometimes things are true, but they are not neccesary to share. And that's what I "teach" in this episode. How to know if a truth is neccesary to share.

I don't believe in sharing truths just to expose people, hurt them or get revenge. 

I believe in sharing truths so that we can build bridges that we can all stand on and say "me too" on. 

I believe in sharing our own shame and flaws and our own character growth so that we can disolve collective shame and also inspire through our stories. 

Once you press play, you'll hear me unpack how I get through the uncomfortablitity of telling stories (that involve other people too) by using two huge questions. 

1) Is this the truest of all truths? 


2) Is this truth neccesary to share to help myself, or another person? What's the point of sharing this truth - and is that point good enough, and does it justify being vulnerable about an experience I've lived? 

I'll be sharing the point of sharing the relationship's end and why I justified it as neccesary to share. 

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Emily Aube