Spiritual sessions with emily

What is it?

A spiritual session with me is an experience. This experience includes pre work to get clear on what you’re desiring resolution around in your life, the actual session where I read your soul’s blueprint, and then you are equipped with post work to make sure that you are implementing the guidance you receive in the session to bring resolution to your life.

Spiritual sessions are designed to help you get a clear blueprint of your soul’s mission. When you are not in alignment with why you incarnated, things can and will probably feel and be stuck.

A 75 minute spiritual session is going to allow you to see where you are in alignment with yourself and where you aren’t so that you can get unstuck and accelerate again leading you to the money, relationships and health you actually deserve.

Consider this a reading, where tarot and oracle cards help me see your world. In readings, I tell you why your soul decided to incarnate and what you’re here to do. Most importantly, I help you make sure that you’re doing it by giving you clear action steps to put your mission into the world correctly as per your soul’s blueprint. In places where you are not in alignment, you receive guidance to rise above the challenges you’re facing, and move past the blocks you’re coming up against. And where you are in alignment, the reading offers ways to amplify it to utilize your full potential in this lifetime.

An individualized spiritual session with me is available for you to solve an issue that you are currently facing within your world. These issues can range from relational, to business, to health. This session is almost ESSENTIAL in your world if you can’t figure out what the right move is for you, and you’d like some assistance from your soul and your angels to see the capital T Truth. If you're looking to work through a focused issue with some help that will stick long after we say goodbye...you're in the right place. The best part? You can book right away to get on my calendar as soon as possible.

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Spiritual Session - Intuitive Reading

This is the reading EVERYONE talks about as “one of the best hours of their lives”.

This specific offering has been sold out and off the table publicly since 2016, but it’s back.

It’s a 75-minute reading experience that unlocks your money, relationship, and health success like no other. The reading is recorded for you, and you get access to my signature prep work and post work before and after your session that helps you get the most of the experience and make sure that your miracles occur.

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What my experience is…

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I’ve been reading professionally for the past five years. I’ve read for a wide range of people from celebrities to high-level business owners, to start-up creators, to stay at home moms. One thing they all have had in common was their review of the experience, often stating that the spiritual session was one of the best hour of their life.

I was raised in a new age lifestyle, and I believe I was born with my intuitive gifts. Overtime, they developed to being able to deliver an eerie accuracy that people seem to really enjoy. In my practice, cool stories from my clients that are born from the sessions are regular, especially business ones. One of my client once made 3 quarters of a million dollars on a course she got inspiration to create in her reading. #Amazing.

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What you can expect from me in a spiritual session:

  • A trauma aware space

  • Clear, concise and actionable guidance to find resolution in the areas of your life that you are seeking

  • A fun experience that leaves you feeling uplifted, inspired and ready to take action

  • No fear mongering or forecasting that leaves you feeling scared or depleted or confused

How does it work?

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The goal of doing this work with me is to get you unstuck from the issue that is bothering you so that you can safely and powerfully accelerate in your life again. To make this as special as it is, I give you pre work and post work. The spiritual session is designed to be an experience that gives you the opportunity to get clear on what needs shifting in your world, and then helps you implement the guidance you receive to make those changes happen.

Once you purchase a spiritual session, you will receive a receipt of confirmation with instructions on how to book through my calendar link. I have a flexible schedule with different times on a weekly basis (Tuesday to Friday). Be aware that my calendar fills up pretty quickly each month, so don’t wait to book your preferred time.

From there, once you've booked the time of your session, I will send you prep work . I will also send you a ZOOM link which is where we will be meeting at the time of your appointment (no worries if you're new to ZOOM, I will give you instructions on that too.) 



My reading with Emily was nothing short of amazing!
We started with a short meditation which was the perfect way to create a safe and relaxed space.
Emily stated the goal was to look at my soul’s mission, and specifically where I’m out of alignment... and right from the beginning she zeroed in on a feeling of overwhelm which was 100% accurate. I could tell immediately that Emily was very tuned in to my guides, because the information she was getting was so detailed, and so accurate, it was amazing! In addition to tapping into my current challenges, she was able to provide very specific suggestions for moving forward in ways that are in alignment with my soul. Emily was also able to give me some very detailed suggestions for making life changes and picked up on some current health issues that I have been worried about. The information she received was so specific that I have no doubt about her psychic abilities and she has such a warm and supportive way of conveying this, that it was a wonderful experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her to anyone interested in having a reading and receiving some guidance.
— Tarah Evans
My forecast reading with Emily this year was THE most beneficial, tangibly helpful reading I have ever received. Because of that reading I’ve been able to flow through what could have been a tumultuous year due to all of the growth and healing that is occurring, with such ease and grace. There were some things she forecasted I wasn’t ready to hear, and yet, within one month, suddenly it was already occurring within and around me! I want everyone I know to do a reading with her AT LEAST once a year!!!!
— Amanda Ranae
Working with Emily was a gift! She created a safe space for us to connect, which I am so grateful for. I appreciate the guidance that I have received for the coming year. Through working with her, I received confirmation that I’m on the right path and I know what kind of support I need for upcoming challenges. She is a nervous system health wizard and I can’t wait to work with her again!!!!
— Marissa Lusito
Thank you, thank you, thank you again! I have no words to express my gratitude. The spiritual session I had with Emily was honestly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had (no exaggeration)... it was SO great to confirm some feelings I already had but also to learn so much info that may be blocking me for the upcoming year// for my dreams. She is amazing!! I will recommend this to everyone I know.
— Taylor Wilson
Emily absolutely amazes me every time I work with her. She has helped me gain clarity around many issues in my life. I always feel like I can safely share some of my deepest fears and anxieties without being judged. She always provides me with a safe space to be open and authentic and always has the exact guidance I need in that moment. I highly recommend Emily.
— Kerissa Kuis
Working with Emily is like getting a glimpse of heaven itself. She infuses so much warmth, joy and love into her sessions and her courses that it feels like you are getting a big angelic hug. Emily is very thorough, her readings are always super accurate and full of practical advice that I can actually quickly put into place as soon as our session ends.
— Ollie Wylde
If you haven’t done a session with Emily Aube yet, don’t wait another minute! She is incredibly gifted and it was one of the best hours of my life. Thank you, Emily, from the bottom of my heart. 
— Ali Katz
Emily is incredibly gifted in all facets of her business. Working with Emily is always insightful, seamless and comfortable. Her ease of knowledge is uncanny, and can be applied to all areas of your life. Emily’s readings, which I highly recommend, are not only highly motivating, as they are incredibly insightful. Emily is definitely a rare talent, which I would highly recommend to anyone.

— Rita Aldo
I had THE most amazing session with Emily Aube. I got more out of one hour with her than when I paid $3000 for a group coaching program to help me get into action & figure out what exactly I should focus on. If you still haven’t had an appointment with Emily, go book one now!!!! Her guidance is spot on & I love the connection that she has with Spirit.
— Jennifer O'Neill