V.I.P days with emily

Ever want to be cooked for, cared for and loved on for a day near the California shores?

Great. I offer that!


In my V.I.P day retreat, you come to my home office in Encinitas, California to enjoy a full transformational day.

When you sign up for a V.I.P day retreat, it’s because you have something on your heart that you want to make sense of and you want to make a decision that is grounded in your nervous system health and aligned with your soul mission. It may also be because you are in need of more energy, a lovely break, or just some safe co-regulation and I’m your girl!


The morning:

We usually start the day around 8:30 am to have tea, juice and breakfast together before we get started. In the morning, we do two sessions. One is a spiritual session (75 minute session), and the other is a nervous system health session where I do body-work with you (1 hour session). Think best reading of your life and then me dropping your adrenals. Oh what’s that? Sign you up? Great… :-)

Then we will break for lunch at around 12:30-1 pm. This will be a home made curated feast by me for us to enjoy. I’ll invite you to go for a walk to gain inspiration from the outdoors and upon your return, you’ll be greeted by all your favorite foods I will have asked you about prior to arranging your V.I.P day.


The afternoon + evening :

After lunch, around 2:30 pm we will dive into your a soul strategy session that will last about 2 hours (don’t worry, we will have snacks on deck), which will be an intuitive mapping experience of how to get from point A to point B by identifying the medicine you need to receive to be well (and how to receive it), and the medicine you need to embody and share with the world to be in alignment.

We will make and have dinner around 6 pm, and following eating like a queen, you will receive one final body-work session to get you ready for bed and integrate this amazing day.

This day will be totally tech free (literally my phone goes on airplane mode the entire day) and we will be able to be together with full attunement. Overall, we will be spending a little over 12 hours together. It’s going to be EPIC!


2000 USD for the V.I.P day experience. Payment plan available.

What is included summed up:

  • 1 spiritual session (75 minutes)

  • 1 soul strategy session (120 minutes)

  • 2 body-work sessions (60 minutes each)

  • 3 meals paid and curated specially for you and your dietary needs (1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner)

  • Unlimited snacks you enjoy throughout the day


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