Write to Heal - Promo payment plan

Write to Heal - Promo payment plan

299.00 every 2 weeks for 4 weeks

No fancy sales pages here.

This is my annual birthday promo special - where I pick something I offer in my biz - new or old- and discount it for you as a celebration of me being able to teach you this stuff because I’m alive. I typically sell this weekend workshop for $ 997. This month, for my birthday, I am selling it at $ 447.

I haven’t taught this signature program since March of 2018, so it’s special that I am bringing it back this month to ensure you make the cash mulla you deserve to make to take care of yourself and of your family doing what you love, WITHOUT burning out.

I’ve run an online business for 5 years now, and I help entrepreneurs world wide make more money using effective content marketing and copywriting and telling their stories in innovative and truly moving ways that ensures sustainable connection with their audience well after we are done with their projects.

I have helped new coaches get their first PAID clients with the methods I will teach you in Write to Heal, and I’ve helped established business owners accomplish high 6-figure launches with the methods I will teach you in Write to Heal.

This is what you are signing up for when you press checkout:

We will spend a two day virtual retreat together MOST LIKELY on June 29 and June 30th. (Date can be subject to change depending on final group of womxn who gather together and their availability.)

It’ll go something like this:

4 workshops. 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

The first two will be…

1- The elements of personal storytelling (you’ll leave this session feeling like you just stepped into your favorite high school English class, but way better. You’ll understand your role in your narrative, as well as the journey you’ve been on. We will map it.)

2- The nervous system science behind having great content marketing (you’ll leave this session knowing how to create lasting and sustainable connection with an audience based on NS health)

And the second two..

3- Your core story + your supporting themes for marketing success on social media (You’ll leave this session knowing exactly what your mission statement is, what your core ABOUT ME story should be, as well as knowing the things you want people to associate you with and how to express them to establish yourself as an expert in the field you work in.)

4- Selling out effectively with confidence (You’ll leave this session feeling empowered to sell your services or products with ease to your ideal client, having an avatar of how to communicate to them via my signature - problem, solution, result method - that I help businesses worldwide with. )

The program includes a workbook which features prompts that helps you have structure + schedule around your presence on social media to avoid burn out and to have the boundaries you desire to keep when it comes to being a public person or an entrepreneur based on the things you will learn in the weekend workshop.

I can’t wait to be together and teach truly some of the most life changing stuff for your business’ success. See you at the end of the month.