the Private Coaching program with emily beatrix

Hey, I’m emily beatrix and I believe that you incarnated on earth for a reason.

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I help you accelerate to the life of your dreams by identifying what’s in the way of your fullest potential so that you can connect with your truest most authentic self again and change the goddamn world the way you intended to when you incarnated.

My elevator pitch?

Metaphorically - I patch up the holes in your boat.

Why? Because the world needs you at your highest capacity right now to do the great work you are being called to do.

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You know there is some highly corrupt things happening in the world right now due to capitalism and patriarchy right?

And it’s like a bunch of souls decided to come and dismantle the accidental mess of what the American dream created. Listen: our waters are so contaminated that we can get depressed from the heavy metal count in them. Millions of people are getting chronically ill with things like fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, and many more mystery neurological diseases and disorders because of things like the chemicals we have on our conventional produce, the antibiotics we pump into the dead unethically slaughtered animals we eat, or the pharmaceuticals, filled with MSG and artificial colors wrecking our nervous systems, most of us ingest before we’re even allowed and able to drive a car.

Climate change is occurring fast, and many crucial animals species are dying, while a large part of our world is being polluted to conditions that are becoming unsafe for humans to live in. Not only are we having real impacts on our physical bodies and our physical environment due to the unhelpful structures of society, we are also dealing with immense emotional and systemic consequences that the industrial revolution caused us.

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We are being stripped away from our personal power and sovereignty by being placed in schooling systems and societal systems that prescribe the same routine and life plan for everyone, without acknowledging the valid fact that everyone learns and thinks and processes differently because everyone has a different life mission. Our education system barely touches on how to meet our own needs, let alone on very important parts of our wellness such as personal expression and emotional intelligence development.

There are levels of extremely disturbing systemic oppression, racism, sexism, homophobic and transphobic trends happening everywhere in North America and let’s be real… pretty much worldwide too.

Trans-generational trauma keeps getting passed on because parents aren’t healing their wounds and integrating their pain into medicine the way it is intended, which keeps people sick, suffering, and isolated with no end in sight to the patterns of abuse and neglect and dysfunction too many of us experience.

We are connecting through primarily screens without claiming and acknowledging that we need physical touch every day. We need shared responsibility and shared meals, but yet we’ve idolized this idea of hyper toxic individuality where living alone and paying all your bills without the help of a single soul or a fruitful community should be totally normal when it’s not biologically sane.

We focus on materialistic goals because we have to survive on our own, because even highly respected psychologists are missing the point that community is part of our wellbeing when we sit on their couches. We are blaming the individual instead of calling out that the collective systemic way we do things is unhealthy for us as humans.


We are up against so much B.S conditioning that creates misattunement with our core selves.

The beauty industry alone is creating disempowerment for women every single day and we barely even notice because we are so used to it. Instead of being asked… “what is my body communicating to me when I am in pain/ when my skin is breaking out/ when I am overweight”… We are told, “fix it quick so no one sees your imperfection, your ability to fail, and be quiet about your pain, for god sake.” This is just ONE example of how we are trained essentially from outside authority and massive groupthink to forgo connection with ourselves and deny our wisdom just to maintain a level of fake perfection.

We don’t even get to go to the bathroom on our own terms until we are 18 years old if we’ve been through the public or private school system. It’s insane when you truly think about it how much we have been taught to disconnect from ourselves…

We are dealing with things such as shame instead of being able to be with each other’s darkness. We numb instead of co-regulate. We get depressed because there is no room for our grief and our expression with the kind of schedules we are expected to have. There is such thing as exploitation because we don’t know how to respect our own limits and the ones of our peers and we’ve been conditioned to forgo true consent. There is manipulation where there should be transparency. Neglect where there should be attunment and no repair where there should be practices for restoration. We are stuck inside and stuck in our heads when we could be outside in nature with each other singing and dancing more. We are lonely when we could be gathering as a community. Competition permeates our consciousness instead of collaboration.

I think - and maybe you think this too- that it’s time to move out of the world capitalism created for us, and move INTO the world we actually desire - one of togetherness and shared collective goals - like the goal to be well and have our earth be well. Maybe this is the real American dream.

What I do and why you should care…

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I did things fast.

I graduated high school and went into communications, and journalism in my post secondary. I’m not going to lie, I was bored and unfulfilled and not aligned. So when I had to leave school to go get a surgery, I took it as my chance to never go back and carve my own path.

I was 19 at the time and wanted to go to this training that was something like 1800 $ on how to run a spiritual passion fueled business. I was a student living off my parents so I had to figure out a way to get the money. I decided to start offering professional intuitive readings that featured my tarot and oracle cards spreads to pay off my credit card and I ended up with a business that spread over 4 continents in under a year.

By the time I was twenty-one, I made six-figures in one calendar year for the first time.

Now with 5 years of successful solo-entrepreneurship under my belt, I work with people all around the world on my computer and in the flesh.

I’m a lady boss who doesn’t think we should waste any more time limiting our genius and staying loyal to systems that are failing us.

I know you have big dreams. I know it feels scary to do things differently, and I can sense your longing to live the life of your wildest dreams.

I’ll help you accelerate getting there.

The world healing as a result of your work is really important to me.

We can’t do it all alone, but if every single person wakes up to their mission and embraces their unique medicine, and actually shares it with the world because they’ve transformed their own collective and personal toxic conditioning that was limiting them… we’re going to get to where we need to be to restore reverent equality, true justice and peace in the world.

How we work together:


First, we start the program off with an Spiritual Session. By doing this, we will gain access to what your soul blueprint is - which will tell us why you’ve incarnated here at this time. This will set the foundation for the entirety of your program. After your soul session, we will do a video conferencing strategy call where we will make you a collaborative written intuitive map that will detail where you are now and where you are going, by highlighting what needs to shift and what needs to be strengthened, and the various and potential holistic life and business coaching tools we will be implementing in the journey from point A to point B.

After this, we meet weekly on a phone call for 60-minutes for a coaching session. Between sessions you get access to me via Voxer during my business hours (Tuesday-Friday) where we can chat about relevant Q & As.

As a private client of mine you get priority to my calendar to hours that fit your schedule and have me and my expertise on your business + life on retainer between your sessions during my business hours.

Overall, you will get 1 soul session (75 minute session), 1 soul strategy session (120 minute session) and 22 coaching calls (60 minutes each) over the course of 6 months.

The investment:

10,500 USD. Payment plans available.

Who is this for?

  • This program is for the womxn who are the storytellers, leaders and change agents in our society who want to accelerate to the life of their wildest dreams with ease and clarity.

  • It’s for womxn who are go-getters and achievers who care about their work making an impact in radical impressive ways.

  • It’s for those who get scared, but find a way to make it happen anyway when their soul asks.

  • It’s for the womxn who don’t want a cookie cutter life.

  • It’s for those who are outraged at the way toxic social conditioning holds them back and limits their genius.

  • It’s for the womxn who care more about being free than being appropriate.

  • In fact, it’s for the pioneers of the changes we NEED to see to abolishing the patriarchal capitalist system we’ve got going on.

  • It’s for womxn who want to learn about NS health also for their own clients or audience to integrate it in their bodies of work.

  • It’s for those who LOVE body-based and holistic approaches and HATE any kind of spiritual by-passing.

  • Private coaching with me is for the raconteurs of our world who are interested in using writing as a way to gain catharsis for themselves and as a way to create connection with others.

  • It’s for people who are financially stable, have a good relationship with money, and can afford the cost of this transformation program without causing an unreasonable amount of stress in their world.

What you can expect from me when we work together:

  • 100 % confidentially and professionalism

  • To be taken seriously in your soul’s mission and have my full support in the importance of your work

  • Pro validation/ understanding/ seeing you in ways you may not have experienced yet

  • No judgment and a safe inclusive place where ALL of you and your story is welcomed

  • The perspective of a trauma-informed coach

  • To be treated like a priority

  • Flexibility with scheduling / rescheduling if the need occurs

  • Mega laughs

  • Space for tears, anger and grief in all processing, but also, space for a lot of fun when it comes to creating


Private coaching with me is here to help you clarify and trust what your medicine has always been, to share it and to impact and change the world the way you intended to when you were born. Happy adrenals really do equal a happy life and I’ll show you how to recover from decades of toxic stress and go-go-go energy and do this sustainably.

Book an initial call to see if we are a fit to work together.


I honestly do not know where to start... Emily has helped me create a life that is beyond my wildest dreams. Working with Emily has been so life changing for me. She has helped me reframe my limiting beliefs and untangle myself from the toxic conditioning I inherited so I can get to what I really want in life. We have laughed, cried, and joked on calls and I feel like I have known her for a lifetime as she is super easy to talk to. She makes me feel so supported and I always look forward to our sessions. She is the best cheerleader around. Emily is so good at her life mission and she is such an inspiration. I highly recommend working with her... you will be so blessed to have her as your coach.
— Jennifer Guiliano
Emily is not only my coach, she is truly one of my favorite people in the Universe. I have known and worked with Emily for many years now and she has patiently helped me to do what once seemed impossible to reclaim my voice and to share my message in a way that feels safe in my body. Working with Emily has taught me how to understand, honor and trust what is going on in my nervous system and how to gently move through the blocks that have been creating fear in my expression, moving into a place of courage, confidence, connection and authenticity. I love Emily so much and I am so, so grateful for her guidance and love on my path. I highly recommend Emily from a place of deep trust and love for her work and for Emily as a coach. She is truly the best!
— Michelle Christine
1-1 work with Emily has been SO immensely helpful to me- and on levels I didn’t even know I needed. The combination of working on connection through writing while healing my nervous system trauma has been huge for me. I have learned how deeply intertwined my nervous system and my business can be and through Emily’s gentle and intuitive guidance, have been able to start to remove some of my blocks- brick by brick. This has helped me not only in my business as a Coach, but also in personal life in so many ways. Emily has helped amplify my confidence in my work, my confidence in myself, my confidence as a writer. With her in my corner, I have been able to set much stronger boundaries while stepping even deeper into my power as a leader. Healing myself while using my story to heal others has been such a profound experience and I’m so grateful to have had such a wise, beautiful, funny, smart soul helping to guide me along the journey.
— Amber Rochelle
I am lucky enough to be working with Emily. Emily is a rare gem of a human being and I am so grateful I found her to help me on my healing journey. She is authentic, compassionate and truly empathic. She has an amazing ability to capture what I am trying to say and communicate it back to me in a way that makes the most sense and resonates deeply in my heart. This is helping me to improve my communication skills and become more in tune with myself and my nervous system. This also helps me with my writing. She finds these nuggets of wisdom which I call “Emily aha moments” that are teaching me more about myself and helping me to heal. I wish I could carry her in my pocket with me! I am so grateful for her kind and helpful guidance for this journey that I am on. It is so refreshing to work with someone who is so in tune with her nervous system and mine. This is a very healing process. She is a wonderful sounding board, a brilliant and insightful guide and a true healer.
— Jessie Kergan