Hi I'm Emily Beatrix.

My story goes a little like this: 

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorders like G.A.D, O.C.D, and panic disorder and medicated when I was in the 7th grade - I was 12 years old. My parents were getting divorced at this time and our household was ripe with abuse and dysfunction. 

Through my teens I suffered mostly in silence due to the fear of stigma and being labeled as crazy or insane due to having mental disorders. To cope with the high levels of anxiety I experienced as a kid, I drank a lot to down regulate. Then I’d be so numb, I’d hang onto boyfriends who created so much drama for me that I would experience a sort of anti-depressant high off of them. 

I barely went to school because I was so sick, and my HS teachers and admin almost made me repeat my senior year because I wasn’t in class enough. I ended up getting a doctors note that confirmed illness and still graduated with honours because of my high performance when it came to assignments and tests that I’d complete - usually from bed. 

When I was 18, in my second semester of uni, I had to have tonsil removal surgery because of recurring infections and during my time off school, in the kind of relationship I was entertaining, I was raped by someone I was dating one night when he drank too much. I eventually got diagnosed with PTSD alongside things like fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, and chronic fatigue. My medication dosage went up and I was at a real rock bottom.

It was one of those moments where I had literally nothing to lose - and potentially everything to gain - so I decided to do what I always wanted to do - to be a writer. And if it didn’t work out, I’d suck it up, and go back to school and get a “real person job”. I gave myself a year to try it from my very very best. 


Over the course of the following 5 years...

One, I went to therapy, did s.e work & with multiple coaches and practitioners (amazing people like Irene and Seth Lyon and Jane Clapp) and decided to heal my nervous system through major and effective lifestyle changes for me like plant- based nutrition with the help of healers like Medical Medium. 

Career wise, in 2014, I started a non for profit movement that was called Anxiety Free Community (AFC) and wrote a book about my holistic healing journey called Love before Fear.

Around the same time, I wanted to go to a business training hosted by Gabrielle Bernstein in New York City called “Spirit Junkie masterclass”, but I was still living with my mom, and basically had no money as I was a 18/19 year old uni drop out. The training was a few thousand dollars with flight and hotel involved so I decided to offer something that was a little crazy, oracle card readings, to people so I could make the cash and not have to go back to a 9-5 post surgery during my ptsd recovery. 

I had read cards for friends and family all throughout my life as my mom raised me in the new age. 

There is no other way to say it than to say it blew up. 

In under a year, I had an international consulting business helping people get in alignment with their soul blueprint.

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I was still on medication then but the attention AFC was getting in the media or on Twitter helped me start a speaking tour in the greater Toronto area as a mental health advocate which led to my own coaching practice where I began to mentor and coach folks on how to heal holistically too. 

My rock bottom led me to reconnecting to what I was here to do and feeling so lost gave me the courage to try because I didn’t feel anything was at stake. 

Now, I’m 24, and I have been successfully self-employed doing what I love since I was 19. I’m completely sober, happily queer, and pretty much healed telling stories that hopefully inspire you.

I do most of my work online and I’ve had hundreds of satisfied clients originating from places like North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. My main peeps though are from the USA and Canada. You can read some of their praise here.

Me, age 10.

Me, age 10.

I believe we heal decades of pain when we finally feel seen, understood and validated. I long to see, understand and validate people. I am deeply curious and I enjoy understanding people holistically, but I didn’t want to be a traditional therapist or work in any officially regulated field because I knew that sharing my story was going to be part of my medicine to the world. We heal trauma in relationship because it happens in relationships. What I am illustrating is that we truly need each other to be well and to get well. I see my job as an educator, guide, coach and storyteller as one way to heal in relationship. As a coach, I am a safe place for my clients to learn how to feel safe to be their truest most authentic selves and I’m here to encourage them, and cheer them on, to make the impact they incarnated to do.

If you’d like to hire me as your coach, have me on your podcast/ speak in your mastermind or at your next event, or perhaps inquire about something I may have the answer to, I’d love to here from you here.